Monika RYBA, Andrzej KONIECZNY, Zbigniew HRUBY

Department of Nephrology, Voivodship Specialty Hospital, Center For Research and Development, Wroclaw, Poland

Keywords: Anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies; breast; glomerulonephritis; granulomatosis with polyangiitis


In this article, we present a case of a female patient suffering from granulomatosis and polyangiitis with active glomerular disease, who developed exacerbation of pulmonary vasculitis and palpable tumors of right breast. A possibility of neoplastic disease was excluded by histopathological examination of percutaneous biopsy specimen, revealing granulomatous inflammatory infiltrate, without any features of neoplasia. Moreover, both pulmonary and breast lesions subsided following intensification of immunosuppressive/antiinflammatory treatment.

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