Hakan Tuna1, Nurettin Taştekin1, Ercüment Ünlü2, Tevfik Fikret Çermik4, Kenan Sarıdoğan3

Keywords: Pelvic rib, Developmental abnormality


Pelvic rib is a rare and benign developmental abnormality. It typically appears as a rib or phalanx-like bone in radiological evaluation. Cortical type bone is pronounced in its structure and pseudo-articulation can exist. It is generally asymptomatic and does not require surgical treatment. In differential diagnosis, myositis ossificans and avulsion injury must be ruled out. In our case, this developmental abnormality was identified accidentally by radiographic evaluation of a patient who had trauma. Therefore, pelvic rib should be remembered in differential diagnosis of developmental skeletal abnormalities. (Rheumatism 2008; 23:151-3)