Ajda Bal1, Eda Gürçay1, Emel Ekşioğlu1, Tahsin Edgüer2, Reyhan Tuncay1, Aytül Çakcı1

Keywords: Brucella, spondylitis,family


The frequency of brucella spondylitis has been reported to be of 9.1-58 %, in cases with brucella infection, involving the lumbar segment most frequently. Paravertal abscess is reported 16% of the cases.

In this report, two simultaneous spondylitis cases secondary to Brucellosis in a married couple have been investigated.

Both cases underwent medical treatment for brucellosis. Clinical, laboratory and Magnetic Resonance Imaging findings were found to be improved 10 months later.

In conclusion, brucellosis may cause spondylitis and its attendant neurological complications. The possibility of more than one cases in the same family should always be kept in mind. The disease can be cured with proper treatment.